Ways of effectively minimizing the volume of incoming CVs’ / applicants: the recruiters’ perspective

Ways of effectively minimizing the volume of incoming CVs’ / applicants: the recruiters’ perspective



Recruiters have been very resourceful while trying to find ways to minimize the volume of incoming resumes. And this is only natural. Dawn Boyer Ph.D., CEO at D. Boyer Consulting describes the typical workflow as following: “We would have as many as 60 job reqs open at any given time and I would have as many as 20-60 applicants per job req. I couldn’t physically read them all in the 40 hours a week I worked”.

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infolearn and CERTNET are now strategic partners


We are pleased to announce that infolearn and CERTNET (https://certnet.de) are now strategic partners for the promotion of the preparatory and training TEST4U material concerning the Microsoft Office Specialist Exams for the German speaking countries.

Over the previous time, we have joined forces with CERTNET in order to release the latest German version. CERTNET is the authorized Certiport Partner under the supervision of which the MOS Exams are held in the German-speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The TEST4U Team has developed and released the only interactive training material available this moment in German for the preparation and successful participation in the Examinations for the acquisition of the Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 and 2013 Certificates (https://certnet.de/test4u).



A few words about CERTNET

CERTNET has been an official Certiport partner since 1996. CERTNET is active in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Luxembourg


CERTNET is a Distributor for / active as:

– Microsoft Office Specialist

– Microsoft Technology Associate

– Autodesk Certifications

– IC³ – Internet & Computing Core Certification

– Adobe Certified Associate

– CompTIA Academy Partner Program CAPP and CompTIA  Certifications

– Authorized LPI Distributor

– Cisco Academic Service Center

– Microsoft Authorized Reseller

Consulting and distribution of Microsoft software licenses and Microsoft Surface hardware

Since 2002 CERTNET has been in charge of the Microsoft Imagine Academy Program

CERTNET is active in Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland


Is watching video-lessons helping gain new skills?


E-learning content, MOOCs, video-lessons, learning platforms and countless of free or paid resources have flooded the internet.

While it’s easy to find any kind of learning content for the skills someone is interested in acquiring, the abundancy of the material available makes it hard to decide over its quality. When it comes to setting a series of criteria for deciding upon which learning content to trust, there is no specific answer.

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How to Pick the Right Excel Alternative for Your Company – Well done Kornilios

How to Pick the Right Excel Alternative for Your Company

In 1985, Microsoft first introduced the Excel spreadsheet program, exclusively for Apple’s Macintosh operating system. Two years later, a Windows version was released. Since then, Excel has dominated the digital spreadsheet marketplace. In the last decade, however, many there strong, alternative options to Excel have emerged – many offer as much functionality, and some offer more. There are both free and paid options, downloadable and cloud-based apps, and ones that offer more digital display and data insights.

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Third time’s a Charm :) – 4 Kinds Of Hiring Data You Need To Be Tracking

3. …as well as what can be measured.

Our experience shows that the most reliable metrics are the ones that can be properly and objectively measured. It is easier and less subjective to focus on hard skills. Skills such as “how well somebody can use Excel” can be a reliable metric, especially when it comes to productivity at the workplace, so it can be hard to ignore.

Everybody knows that soft skills are really important. However, it is so hard to measure them, let alone to get honest responses from candidates, that the attempt to get any metrics usually is not worthwhile.

Stelios Lambropoulos, Product Manager, TEST4U


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Well done Kornilios :)

How to become an IoT developer: 6 tips

By 2020, there will be a projected 20 billion Internet of Things devices in the world. Here’s how to get your start building connected things.

There are four stages in developing an IoT device, according to Kornilios Ampatzis, a software developer at InfoLearn:

  • Assembly of the physical hardware: This requires engineering skills, and is usually not completed by a developer. Most IoT devices use primarily pre-assembled boards and sensors connected on them.
  • Programming the device: This requires programming skills to read the data from the sensors connected on the IoT device, and send them to the server.
  • Programming the server that will receive and store the data from the device: This requires the use of server side languages, like PHP, ASP.NET or Node.js, and database queries based on MySQL or some other SQL derivative.
  • Displaying data to the device user: This involves creating the web page or app that will depict the collected data to the user, which requires web development knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, or another framework.

“Usually a developer is not responsible for all those stages,” Ampatzis said. “So, in order to specify on how to get started on a career in the field, first they have to decide on which stage of the development process they want to get aboard.”

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UBER Analytics Test 3.1 & 6.16

UBER Analytics Test 3.1 & 6.16

Ridesharing is not a new idea. From time to time we have all shared a ride with friends or colleagues to reduce the cost of our transportation.

UBER put this idea into practice with the help of technology and started to provide a service which -in less than 8 years- has spread around the world.

It is currently valued at $60 billion, which is the highest value for a startup in history.

Despite all the voices against this kind of service, UBER has managed to change the rules in public transport.


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